Exotic Honeymoon Getaways

If you’re planning your wedding, chances are the honeymoon should be an experience to remember. From luxurious accommodations and delicious dining options to spiritual pursuits and relaxing spa services, these exotic vacation destinations are an excellent choice.

Bali, known as Indonesia’s Isle of the Gods, is an idyllic tropical paradise offering beautiful beaches, incredible watersports activities, and a vibrant culture. Here couples can relax into its laid-back island atmosphere while focusing on health and wellbeing.


Bali, an Indonesian island paradise, boasts breathtaking beaches, postcard-perfect sunsets and luxurious hotels that promise an experience you won’t soon forget. From Tulamben coral reefs to Kintamani mountain peaks and beaches – each day brings new surprises! This magical land will entice visitors back for more exotic beauty.

Elizabeth Gilbert may have put Ubud’s cultural heart center stage with her bestselling book and movie Eat, Pray, Love; however, Bali has long been drawing backpackers, surfers and travelers seeking an idyllic retreat. Boasting lush waterfalls and rice paddies aplenty, you are sure to find your own quiet corner where you can unwind and recharge.

Be sure to visit one of Bali’s stunning waterfalls as part of your itinerary, such as Aling-Aling with its natural slide that allows visitors to access rushing waters.

Animal lovers will delight in visiting Bali Zoo. The zoological park features roaming deer, Orangutans and even muddy elephants who’ll gladly accept you into their enclosure for an enjoyable bathing session!

Fiji offers something for all honeymooners – be it adventurous or relaxing – on their journey. Couples traveling with children can take advantage of world-class kid’s clubs and nanny services; adults can indulge in spa treatments, take sailing lessons or dive among manta rays; there are also plenty of opportunities for relaxing beachfront by enjoying drinks while your feet rest comfortably on the sand.

The Maldives

Maldives is an idyllic destination, making for the ideal honeymoon. Boasting sugar-white beaches, crystal clear water and stunning coral reefs – perfect for sunbathing and swimming – and luxury hotels offering endless ways to unwind, Bawah is an off-the-beaten-track private island where couples can wake up to champagne breakfasts on either their beach villa or overwater villas, snorkel, sail or kayak in its tranquil lagoons, trek through tropical forest trails, enjoy yoga classes, wellness programs and spa services, before dining at two restaurants – truly perfect.

Bali may boast some of the world’s most stunning beaches, but there’s so much more to explore here: mountains to climb, waterfalls to swim in and jungles to traverse. Not to mention plenty of surfing action and vibrant cultures waiting to be discovered! To make the most out of your visit it’s wise to brush up on Indonesian before your visit and be mindful when greeting locals – take care in doing this when meeting new people in Balinese society.

The Seychelles Islands offer another exotic honeymoon destination, known for its romantic resorts that boast amenities such as breathtaking infinity pools and private beach dining. You can snorkel around coral reefs to look for vibrant fish or swim with manta rays (they’re completely harmless!). A visit here promises both romanticism and adventure on one visit!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an ideal honeymoon destination, full of undiscovered gems that await discovery. Explore secluded beaches that seem all yours on your trip; ride a tuk-tuk to Secret Beach or Weligama and experience the serenity that comes from having an island all to yourselves.

If a beach honeymoon isn’t your cup of tea, why not experience Sri Lanka instead as a cultural trip? Take in all its UNESCO World Heritage sites and admire all its architecture; or head out into the jungle and spot some rare wildlife! Or if you prefer an adventuresome journey up Sita Falls’ 1,200 steps for an unparalleled view from above.

Flores Island provides the ideal spot for water lovers. Spend your days snorkeling to spot marine wildlife or climbing Padar Island for breathtaking views of Komodo Island from up high. And for an unforgettable experience, swim alongside mantas at Manta Point.

Dependent upon the honeymoon destination you select, obtaining a passport may be necessary to travel there. Before embarking on this endeavor, check the travel requirements of your honeymoon destination to make sure that everything necessary to ensure an amazing trip will be available to you. Once your passport is secured, the possibilities for creating the ideal exotic honeymoon experience become limitless!


Japan may conjure images of anime, sushi and geisha, but this diverse country offers much more than these iconic traditions. Japan stands out with its unique combination of ancient and modern: from Shinto shrines to high-tech toilets – an exciting yet culturally enriching destination!

Cork, Ireland 2022 honeymooners looking for an exciting combination of European culture and nature should consider Cork as their destination of choice. Known for its wine and cuisine as well as being gateway to the wild Atlantic Ocean, this coastal city provides access to sailing activities or simply admiring one of the world’s largest natural sea caves – making Cork an exciting hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed with their new spouse!

honeymooners looking for an exotic experience should consider Morocco, with everything from snake charmers and delicious regional cuisine, to spectacular mountain climbs like climbing the Atlas Mountains or Taung Kalat requiring endurance but yielding breathtaking views as rewards. Don’t forget the deep pink lakes created by salt-loving algae and bacteria found throughout Marrakech city as another exciting option!